Hi there! I'm Jean.

Jean Mao

I'm currently based in Toronto, Ontario, an ever-growing metropolis of condominiums and home to an excellent culinary scene.

What's the inspiration behind Jeanspiration?

Barcelona, 2013

Barcelona, 2013

After my very first Europe trip in 2013 to Portugal, Spain and Italy, I came back with so many amazing food experiences that I was excited to share with my friends and family. What amazed me the most was the extent to which you can make even the simplest of food taste delicious. I loved discovering and learning where the food comes from. From meeting some of the restaurant owners, you can taste the passion that goes into every dish. It goes beyond just tasting the food, but the story and the inspiration behind it.

Image source: quotefancy.com

Image source: quotefancy.com

Jeanspiration has evolved to a brand encompassing not only food, but also lifestyle, adventure and travel. Trying something new is the first step to personal development and growth, and that's where we should all live our lives: outside of our comfort zone. Only then will you reach your potential and achieve things you never imagined possible. After going through the ups and downs of freelancing and running a part-time business in 2015, I realized that my ultimate purpose is to bring positivity and joy to people's lives. One smile, one laugh, one moment at a time.


One thing I love about food is, it never goes out of style! It makes people connect on a core level that's pretty damn real. I share dining experiences that are unforgettable and worth sharing to my viewers. I also post recipes that I feel are genuinely quick, easy, and most of all, tasteful.

Why are you pursuing photography?

There's nothing that gives me greater joy at the end of the day than bringing out the beauty in everyone and everything. I remember the first DLSR I used was a Canon T3i that I borrowed from a friend. After I switched over to Nikon and invested in my own camera, I started falling in love with photography: from the creation to the editing process.

About one year into blogging, I landed my first paid gig. As challenging as it was, I felt an extreme sense of worth and accomplishment! It really opened my eyes to photography as a profession and a business. Here I was, getting paid to do what I genuinely love. Of course, there's a lot of menial work involved, but at the end of the day, it's your passion that drives you to do what you do.

How much do you charge for clients?

It depends on the scope of the photo shoot! There is no one size fits all when it comes to pricing. Please send an email to mao.jean[at]gmail.com for rates and media kit.

Are you open to collaborations?

Absolutely! Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, makeup artist, photographer, video producer, Youtuber, professional model, Influencer, nutritionist, life coach, you name it! Drop me a note here or send an email to mao.jean[at]gmail.com.

Give me 2 random facts about you!

Random Fact #1: I am slightly obsessed with corgies.

Random Fact #2: I love NBA basketball.

Want to work together? I would love to hear from you!


All photographs and written material published on this blog are created by me, unless I have specified otherwise. If you wish to share or use any of the recipes or photographs, please ask for permission, give full credit and link back to the original site.