Where to Eat Pasta in Venice When You're On A Budget

Every time I eat pasta I find myself daydreaming about the time when I had Alfredo's Fresh Pasta To Go.


Cheap eats are hard to come by in Venice, Italy, since many restaurants are seemingly positioned to lure tourists in and eat away their money while leaving their bellies unsatisfied. At this point, we were halfway through our Europe trip and already felt like our wallets were shrinking quickly after 3 long nights in Ibiza.

So we found ourselves meandering frivolously through a maze of narrow corridor-looking streets to find this hidden gem. It was midday and was hot as ever as the sun reached its peak. Those quick bouts of shade felt like a breath of cool refreshing air wiping away the sweat on my back.

We arrived just before the lunch rush started to pour in. Instantly we were greeted by the store owner and the first thing I saw was a pasta making machine that could only mean one thing: FRESH homemade pasta noodles. What more can you ask for in Italy of all places?

alfredos fresh pasta to go.jpg

Alfredo's makes both vegetarians and carnivores happy with menu items catering to both. You can choose between 3 meat options or 5 vegetarian options, and decide on 3 different pasta types: fettuccine, penne and fusilli. They'll also offer to reimburse you if you end up unsatisfied with your order or your pasta happens to be overcooked.

Our "fresh pasta to go" were ready in just 5 minutes and served in 1 lb (450 g) Chinese-style takeout containers. There was minimal seating inside which worked well to our favour because we resorted to sitting outside on a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures soaring as high as 26 degrees Celsius. I'm sure the owner appreciated us sitting by the window sill happily slurping away our pasta because it drew a lot of curious stares from passersby with hungry looks on their faces.

Ciao Bella pasta w/ zucchini, curry, cream, fresh tomatoes, cheese, black pepper, garlic

Ciao Bella pasta w/ zucchini, curry, cream, fresh tomatoes, cheese, black pepper, garlic

I ordered the 'Ciao Bella' with zucchini and fresh tomatoes swirled around in fusilli in a cream, curry and garlic sauce. It was lightly topped off with parmesan cheese and oregano. To my delight, the noodles were cooked to al dente perfection. The curry added a nice kick to the sauce, which was so flavourful it brought the noodles to life and perfectly adhered to them.

My partner went with Porky's which had pork, tomato sauce, parsley, black pepper, and onions. It was also delicious, but Ciao Bella hailed as our favourite. He loved the Ciao Bella so much that he eventually tried to swap his Porky's with me!

Alfredo's was a saving grace in the myriad of expensive restaurant options. You just can't go wrong with 7 euros on a delicious homemade pasta dish from heaven...I mean Venice. Mark this place on your top 3 list when you've got one day to spend in this city.

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