Matcha Obsessed at Sinmei Tea in Hong Kong

"Life is too short to drink ordinary green tea"

It wasn't until I discovered Sinmei Tea in Hong Kong that I truly underestimated my obsession for all things matcha. Located in Sheung Wan just steps away from the MTR station, it's a tiny space on the 5th floor of an office building with a small patio that's relatively cozy for a lazy afternoon with a friend or two.

Sinmei Tea has an entire menu dedicated to green tea goodies, whether it's matcha cheesecake, matcha latte or a Chai Chai with matcha (surprise), chai spices and milk. The fact that I was able to stomach all this matcha goodness after having a delicious beef brisket noodle soup still remains a mystery to me. But if I can sum up my entire Asia trip this year, it was pure gluttony.

sinmei tea matcha chocolate fondant

The matcha chocolate fondant (aka 'molten lava cake', however the Instagrammers like to call it) was the one that lured me to this place and indeed, it was impeccable. Inside a bowl-shaped matcha crust is a layer of green tea and milk as smooth as silk. I couldn't resist adding some matcha sauce we had left over from the sizzling brownie because, why not? 

sinmei tea hong kong
sinmei tea iced matcha latte
sinmei tea matcha mojito

The iced matcha latte was almost like love at first sip with a thick concentrated foam at the top, yet none too overpoweringly sweet. It's nice to know that they use organic soy milk in their beverages, which gives the illusion that there's a health component so you can feel a little better about gorging. I'm not sure why I decided to go for a matcha mojito; the idea of it sounded better on paper. It has matcha, mint, lime, brown sugar, and a spritz of lemonade. Still refreshing to say the least, and you get a hint of green tea fragrance lingering on your tongue.

sinmei tea matcha sizzling brownie

I can still hear the matcha brownie sizzling on the hot pan as if sparks were flying left right and center. Matcha with vanilla ice cream is like a match made in heaven. This was one of the top 2 matcha desserts on the menu and definitely the most expensive ones, coming out at $78 HKD, which costed substantially more than the beef brisket noodle soup I had just an hour before at a superlative noodle shop. 

sinmei tea

If you love matcha, you must visit Sinmei Tea. This is also the go-to spot for an afternoon tea. The key is to arrive here during off-peak times such as 3pm on a weekday, otherwise you're in for a 25-45 min wait if you're without a reservation. If you do happen to swing by there, let me know your take on it in the comments section below.

Sinmei Tea
5/F, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong